Aardvark certification’s experience in helping our clients comply with the renewable energy subsidy schemes administered by Ofgem such as the RO, FiT and RHi schemes have led to many clients asking for advice to ensure their installations will be compliant with scheme regulations prior to applying to the individual schemes to ensure the accreditation process is smooth and seamless.

 We have developed an Ofgem Compliance Audit which will provide you with assurance that your installation will comply with the legislative requirements of each of the aforementioned schemes. The audit is typically carried out prior to construction to allow for any nonconformities to be rectified prior to installation. Our team of auditors will be able to provide you with an audit report which will identify any areas of your installation which will not meet Ofgem’s requirements giving you the opportunity to put these matters right before your contractors are on site and preventing any delays in the construction phase and most importantly in you achieving accreditation.

Speak with a member of our Ofgem Compliance team to find out more about how we can help you get accredited quickly and efficiently.