ACL specialise in providing assurance and verification audits across a range of sectors. Under the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Scheme Regulations 2018, new applicants will be able to apply for a Tariff Guarantee which will provide certainty and security to the project that a certain tariff rate is guaranteed for the project provided all the usual accreditation/registration conditions are met.

As part of the Tariff Guarantee application process, applicants are required to demonstrate to OfGEM that financial close for the project has been achieved and this needs to be verified within an independent audit report prepared in accordance with ISAE3000.

ACL have extensive experience in preparing assurance reports in accordance with the the requirements of ISAE3000 and will be happy to prepare a financial close audit report to accompany your application to OfGEM for a tariff guarantee.

There are strict timelines in place governing the tariff guarantee application process and we advise that clients ensure they are familiar with the OfGEM Tariff Guarantee guidance document which can be found here.


Speak with a member of our team early to ensure your audit report is in place to guarantee your tariff.