Impartiality Committee

ACL are pleased to announce that we have now appointed an independent Impartiality Committee who oversee our operations to ensure that we maintain our impartiality and do not allow for any potential conflicts of interest to influence our certification/verification services.

We welcome David Hooper, Paul Green and Taryn Clements to the committee. David, Paul and Taryn bring a broad mix of industry experience to our committee providing a balanced stakeholder representation from consultant, operator and regulator viewpoints.

The Impartiality Committee act as a mechanism for ACL to safeguard our impartiality and is a requirement under ISO17065 to which we are currently seeking UKAS accreditation. The primary role of the Impartiality Committee is to provide input to:

  • our policies and principals
  • the procedures we have in place for identifying and minimising threats to our impartiality
  • the possibility of commercial or other considerations which may prevent the consistent impartial provision of our services
  • all matters affecting impartiality and confidence in the certification/verification decisions we make
  • our internal audits and management reviews

We look forward to working with David, Paul and Taryn as we continue with our UKAS accreditation and expand our range of certification/verification services.